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They wanted a fresh new look.


The Lovitz Law Firm, a Philadelphia legal practice, knew they needed to keep up with an evolving online market, and that meant a sleek, new web presence. Their former website had been built 5 years earlier, and it was time to add new features, replace outdated information, and update the site's look and feel.


We started with a consultation, getting an idea of how the firm wanted the new site to look and operate. The firm showed us some sites they liked, and we took notes. From these specifications, we came up with a quote, and before long, the new website was under way.

We created it.


Working from our design notes, we began mocking up a sample of the new site's layout. As we designed the logo, selected colors, and organized navigation, we sent samples to the client, getting feedback and making adjustments accordingly. (They were glad to see we reply to emails at all hours.)


Once the design was perfected, we set to work integrating content. We helped the firm write and edit a clear mission statement, staff biographies, and site wording.

We added all the bells and whistles.


The home page needed to leave an impression, so we used animation and images to simplify the introduction and increase aesthetic appeal. We set the firm up with a variety of social media outlets in order to connect with a large pool of potential clients.


They wanted users to be able to contact the firm easily, so we built intuitive contact forms into the site design. To help sort through all the legal speak, we implemented a site-wide search feature. In the end, we had created a straightforward, fully-featured experience.


We made sure it was seen.


We used search engine optimization to promote the site's visibility, keeping it at the top of Google, Yahoo, Bing, and other searches.


When the site was ready to go live, we set up automatic traffic reports for the firm. These monthly emails explained how and when visitors used their site.


We went live. They went crazy for it.


Just five weeks after we had begun, the new site was ready to launch. The new look and functionality brought the practice's online image up to speed with their prominence as a firm.


Today, The Lovitz Law Firm enjoys a clean, professional online image. Updates can still be made in the future, and now the capabilities are in place to accommodate their changing needs.


What online needs do you have? Become our next case study and let us build your next web project.




Baby Dog Rules

When a canine adoption service needed an online database of furry friends, they turned to us.



The company already had a website which had been started on WordPress, but the owner realized that with her busy schedule, she had bitten off more than she could chew.


We stepped in to help, examining how things had been set up and getting to work improving it. Our knowledge of content management systems (like Joomla and WordPress) came in handy, allowing us to code some parts from scratch and build others from the existing framework.



The business model relied on people paying to list their pets online, which meant we knew it was time to implement an E-Commerce system. In the end, dog-lovers were able to pay with their credit cards or PayPal accounts, and Baby Dog Rules had complete control over receiving payments.


The Bag Lady

The owner of his area's largest Vera Bradley retail store knew that he needed a website to compete in the 21st century. We knew how to make it happen.



The colorful patterns on display in his store provided the perfect opporunity for an on-site photo shoot, so we brought out the big cameras. After a full day of shooting (and another full day sorting through the shots), we had what we needed to bring the new website to life.



Before long, our site reports showed that 26% of the site's visitors were using mobile devices (like iPhones). The original site's large photos and animations didn't display well on mobile devices, so The Bag Lady decided to commission a mobile version.


We set to work designing a site for handheld devices, built to automatically resize and adjust for touchscreens. After the update, mobile visitors rose to 36%. Customers loved browsing the site from their phones.

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