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Let us fix your technology.

We remove viruses, fix internet connections, and make computers work faster.


Our love of technology means we don't simply reset your computer to factory settings; we actually identify and fix the problems. That means you don't lose your data after we're done.


We do everything from opening up the machine and testing the hardware to fixing and updating the software. We replace broken parts, answer any questions you have, and make all the errors go away.


Ready for us to fix it? Request Service



Frequently Asked Questions


Q. Do you work on Apple products (Macs)?

A. Yes! We fix problems on Macs and PCs.


Q. What do you charge?

A. We charge by the hour. A typical job fixing a computer costs about $50.


Q. Are you available all year round?

A. We always have an agent available in Pennsylvania. Our availability in other states may vary, so just ask!


Our average customer pays $50.

Some service centers charge so much to fix your computer, it's like buying a replacement. With us, you won't have to pay hundreds of dollars to get your technology fixed.


We also don't believe in getting paid unless we get the job done. You won't owe us anything if we can't help. Other places charge just for taking a look.



We make house (and office) calls.

We can come out to your location or you can drop off your machine; just let us know what works best. Pickup and delivery are free. We'll even let laptops ride shotgun.



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